Poverty and Violence in a oil-rich country reflected in the hospitals.

Pobreza y Violencia en un pais rico en petróleo reflejado en hospitales
Source/fuente: Televisión Noruega - Norwegian TV

This problem has been in Venezuela for many years, even before the current administration. But obviously it has incremented.
Watch and read (below the spanish parragraph) how the president ignores a direct question and turns around an leave the reporter.

Este problema ha estado en Venezuela por muchos años, hasta antes de la administración actual. Pero obviamente se ha incrementado.
Observen como el presidente ignora la pregunta directa del periodista y se va....

Video interview english script (not all scripted):

Narrator: Poverty & violence has been incremented in Venezuela in the last few years.
La pobreza y violencia en Venezuela ha incrementado en los últimos años.

Interviewer: I went to a hospital and I did not see medicine
President: I don't know what you are talking about, what hospital?

And this is a literal translation of what he says.
Beyond you could have found... we have a strategic program, a social program, to give you an example... 
Interviewer: ...then he starts talking about something else, turns around and his bodyguards push us aside.

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