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"The fall of Hugo Chávez began" - Empezó la caida de Hugo Chavez

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23.07.09 - Michael Garret: Michael Garrett

Hugo Chávez, the Venezuelan president, has deployed a brutal persecution against Honduras, a small Central American nation with great social inequality and government corruption.

It all started when Manuel Zelaya (Honduras ousted President), one of his pupils and who financed his election campaign, was ousted from power. Chávez has reacted with all its strength and international influence. He devoted all public and formal meeting to verbally attack and threaten to Honduras. It appears that you have a fight against

So the countries of the world and analysts have begun to ask What's the hurry of Hugo Chávez? - Has the OAS to condemn Honduras, pressing his friend Insulza - Call extended to the presidents of the countries of the region to take action against Honduras and did not drop the topic in the media. This has made intervention…