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Medicos Cubanos/Cuban Doctors' training is Mediocre

MD Julio Cesar Alfonso says "They [Cuban medics] are working as doctors in Venezuela, which is illegal"
Their pilot plan is "express". The interns are working as doctors in Venezuela.
Uberto Mario, former official of the Embassy of Cuba in Venezuela says "German Sanchez Otero, Public Health Ministry of Cuba and Fidel Castro, in the year 2000 they started a regulation that prohibits this medics to see their family for 10 years of they decide to abandon their pilot plan of being doctors in Venezuela." "Every medic that goes to Venezuela costs $3,000", "I've seen checks of $225,00 and $550,000 checks [made by Jose Vicente Rangel former vice-president of Venezuela"
These medics get only $300 put in an account. They can not read the bible, they can only read Fidel Castro's political material.
Only medics with family in Cuba can be sent to Venezuela to guarantee their return to Cuba.

"Chávez, terrorismo y narcotráfico": Álvarez Paz

Gracias a un lector (Polar) por compartir este video con nosotros en su opinión expuesta en este enlace