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Glory to the brave people - Gloria a Bravo Pueblo

Venezuela's National Anthem (for english click here)
Gracias por mandar las fotos Polar
Gloria al bravo pueblo que el yugo lanzó, la ley respetando la virtud y honor.
¡Abajo cadenas!, gritaba el señor, y el pobre en su choza libertad pidió.
A este santo nombre tembló de pavor, el vil egoísmo que otra vez triunfó.

Gritemos con brío: ¡Muera la opresión! Compatriotas fieles, la fuerza es la unión. Y desde el empíreo el supremo autor, un sublime aliento al pueblo infundió.

Unidas con lazos que el cielo formó, la América toda existe en nación; Y si el despotismolevanta la voz, seguid el ejemplo que Caracas dio.

Venezuela's National Anthem - traslation provided by google

Glory to the brave people who launched the yoke, the Act respecting virtue and honor.
Down chains!, Shouted the man, and the poor in his hut called freedom.
It shook holy name of dread, that the vile selfishness triumphed again.
Shout with verve: Die oppression! Fellow believers, unity is strength.
And from the empyrean the su…

My inspiration - Mi ispiración

This post explains why I started this blog.(click)
Esta página explica porqué comencé este blog. (click)

Send your stories, photos to my email. Eventually, I will open the blog so other can make their posts.

Manda tus historias, fotos a mi email. Eventualmente abriré las puertas para que otras personas puedan escribir artículos constructivos.
About me /Acerca de mi: Soy el Pueblo

Poverty and Violence in a oil-rich country reflected in the hospitals.

Pobreza y Violencia en un pais rico en petróleo reflejado en hospitales
Source/fuente: Televisión Noruega - Norwegian TV

This problem has been in Venezuela for many years, even before the current administration. But obviously it has incremented. Watch and read (below the spanish parragraph) how the president ignores a direct question and turns around an leave the reporter.

Este problema ha estado en Venezuela por muchos años, hasta antes de la administración actual. Pero obviamente se ha incrementado.
Observen como el presidente ignora la pregunta directa del periodista y se va....

Video interview english script (not all scripted):

Narrator: Poverty & violence has been incremented in Venezuela in the last few years. La pobreza y violencia en Venezuela ha incrementado en los últimos años.

Interviewer: I went to a hospital and I did not see medicine President: I don't know what you are talking about, what hospital?
And this is a literal translation of what he says. Beyond you could have fou…

Paid assassins in Venezuela - Sicarios en Venezuela

El videofué creado por un programa en Italia pero se entiende todo ya que el entrevistado habla español.

This videowas created by a TV station in Italy. They went to Caracas and inside a pharmacy they interviewed this Venezuelan assasin.
Here is a small script of what they talk about in the video:

Interviewer: How many people have you killed? Man: I can't tell you because is it a professional secret, more or less 12!
Interviewer: How do you feel when you are about to kill someone. Man: I feel a bit happy because I know I am going to get my money. My gun's name is Petronila (a 9 mm) because it takes the life away of all those who breathe. You have to have experience, have decision, cold blood so you don't hessitate when you are going to take someone out.
Interviewer: Do you believe in God?
Man: Yes. look I have it in my heart (he shows a cross necklace). I was an aluminum can recycling boy, I was in a gang, I got 17 shots in my body... I was 7 years doing crack. My intestines were me…

Dear Mister President

A pesar de que esta canción fué dedicada por una liberal americana a ex-presidente de EEUU, la letra cuadra muy bien para cualquier presidente, en especial, el de Venezuela.
English: Even though this song was performed by an american liberal and dedicated to the former US president, the lyrics are aplicable to any president, especially the venezuelan one.


My inspiration - Mi inspiración

Here is the story that inspired me to create this blog (english version)

A continuación describo la historia que me inspiró a crear este sitio (versión español)


A dear friend of mine married a Venezuelan citizen.
On a trip to Caracas to meet the rest of the family, her husband got stopped in the middle of a main road by a group of policemen. Upon lots of interrogation to make sure he was a Chavez supporter, he then was asked to prove it by turning over all his money. When he did not produce any cash from his wallet because he wasn’t carrying any, they put him in handcuffs and told him he was going to jail. He begged and pleaded for them not to take him to jail. The policeman’s solution was to take him at gunpoint to the ATM machine. He took was told to take out the maximum and gave it to the policeman. The policeman then asked him to drive him back to the road block and then wished him a good day.
As a Venezuelan citizen myself, I decided to start this blog so the entire world will…