Paid assassins in Venezuela - Sicarios en Venezuela

El video fué creado por un programa en Italia pero se entiende todo ya que el entrevistado habla español.

This video was created by a TV station in Italy. They went to Caracas and inside a pharmacy they interviewed this Venezuelan assasin.

Here is a small script of what they talk about in the video:

Interviewer: How many people have you killed?
Man: I can't tell you because is it a professional secret, more or less 12!

Interviewer: How do you feel when you are about to kill someone.
Man: I feel a bit happy because I know I am going to get my money.
My gun's name is Petronila (a 9 mm) because it takes the life away of all those who breathe.
You have to have experience, have decision, cold blood so you don't hessitate when you are going to take someone out.

Interviewer: Do you believe in God?
Man: Yes. look I have it in my heart (he shows a cross necklace). I was an aluminum can recycling boy, I was in a gang, I got 17 shots in my body... I was 7 years doing crack. My intestines were messed up because of I got shot several times... I used to pee from my stomach.
God is good with me because he knows I am fair. I don't kill anyone that does not deserve it. All I kill are just rats (bad people)

Interviewer: But isn't God's decision who dies and who does not?
He pauses for a second...and then he says ...
Man: nope... He [God] decides but his law is not here on earth. The law of being a rightful man but those whom don't have that law should die because they are unrighteous.

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Más información sobre los Sicarios en este link (spanish only)
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