Poverty in Venezuela

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I wonder a country like ours with muuuuuuucho oil, muuuuuucho iron, muuuuuucho steel, muuuuucho gold, muuuucho aluminum; a country that manufactures chassis for Hummers; ha! generous! but we also give free oil to Cuba, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Islands of the Caribbean.
I recently heard that they want to pass up a cable from Venezuela to Cuba Guess who will pay that? We are! with our sweat and with our money. But here they say that "Venezuela moves forward towards winning" yeah right! Since we have so much money why don't we invest in our country? Could it be that we re Cuba 2?

Look at photos.

Yo me pregunto un país como el nuestro con muuuuuuucho petróleo, muuuuuucho hierro, muuuuuucho acero, muuuuucho oro, muuuucho aluminio un país que fabrica los chasis de las hummers haaa pero también somos generosos damos petróleo gratis a cuba, nicaragua, bolivia, islas de el caribe .
Recientemente escuché algo que quieren pasar un cable desde venezuela hasta cuba
Adivinen quien pagará eso? Nosotros con nuestro sudor con nuestro dinero.
Pero aquí sólo se dice que Venezuela a pasos de vencedores siiii luissss
Así como tenemos dinero para regalar por que no invertimos en nuestro país será que somos la cuba 2?

Vean las fotos.
The captions on the photos are a direct translation of the name given to each one by the person who send the post to us.

A Venezuelan

Sarcastically "Beautiful isn't it?"

Monument to Ignorance

Entry to a Ministry

Inmigration Services Building

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